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Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

At SCDOC we aim to to provide you a complete dental family experience. We are pleased to welcome you and your child to SCDOC. Our dental team uses every means to provide your child with the highest quality of dental treatment, in a very gentle & efficient manner.

Our mission at SCDOC is prevention of dental disease and improving and maintaining optimum oral health of infants, children, teenagers. We recognize the need for a more modern approach to caring for children and adolescents oral health. Instead of traditional practice of just drill and fill cavities, we believe in a proactive method centered around prevention and education.
Kids Dentistry

Good oral health practices should begin in infancy and continue throughout adult life. In your child’s early years, you must provide this care. Later you will need to instruct, monitor and motivate your child to help maintain good oral health habits. Attitudes and habits established at an early age are critical in maintaining good oral health throughout life.

Below we have listed some suggestions to help prepare your child for a visit to the dentist.

Tips for parents and caregivers:


 When should my child first see a dentist?

 “First visit by first birthday” sums it up. Your child should visit a pediatric dentist  when the first tooth comes in, usually between six and twelve months of age. Early examination and preventive care will protect your child’s smile now and in the future.

Why so early? What dental problems could a baby have?

The most important reason is a practical prevention program. Dental problems can begin early. A big concern is nursing or baby bottle tooth decay. Your baby risks  severe decay when he or she nurses continuously from the breast or from a bottle of  milk, formula or juice during naps or at night. Another concern is gum disease.

Recent studies show nearly half of all children aged two and three have at least mild inflammation of gums tissues.

Any advice on teething?

From six months to age three, your child may have sore gums when teeth erupt. many babies like a clean teething ring, cool spoon or cold wet wash cloth. Some parents swear by a chilled teething ring; others simply rub the baby’s gums with a clean finger.

How can I prevent tooth decay from nursing or bottle?

Don’t nurse your child to sleep or put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk, formula, juice, or sweetened liquid. Use only water in the bottle or sippy cup. Check with your pediatric dentist to make sure your child is getting enough fluoride for decay protection. Lastly, learn how to brush and floss your child’s teeth.

Should I worry about thumb or finger sucking?

Thumb sucking is perfectly normal for infants, most stop by age two. If your child doesn’t, discourage it after age three. Prolonged thumb sucking can create crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and bite problems.We will be glad to suggest  helpful ways to address a prolonged thumb-sucking habit.

I find brushing my child's teeth awkward. Any suggestions?

Try having your child lie down. Put your child on your lap or on the floor, keeping his/her head steady with your legs. If your child is standing, have his/her back to you with their head tilted slightly and resting against your body. Have your child hold a mirror while you brush and floss their teeth so your child can see what is being done.

Is it important to brush before bed?

Yes. If you have to miss a brushing, the bedtime one is probably the worst one to miss. If you don't get rid of the bacteria and sugar that cause cavities, they have all night to do harm. While you are awake, saliva helps keep the mouth clean. When you are asleep, there is less saliva produced to clean the mouth. For this reason it is important to brush before bedtime.

How to brush your child's teeth?
Kids Dentistry


Please remember, the earlier the dental visit, the better the chance of preventing dental problems. Children with healthy teeth chew food easily, learn to speak clearly andsmile with confidence. Start your child now on a lifetime of good dental habits Common Pediatric Dentistry Procedures Include

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